Katie Regan-Donovan T.C.R.G.

Katie Regan-Donovan started Irish dancing at the age of five under the direction of Ann Richens, a native of Dublin, Ireland, and has been dancing for 28 years. She has been deeply involved in Irish Dancing over the intervening years as a student, competitor, performer and now teacher. Katie has competed at both national and world levels. Katie is five-time Midwest Champion, placed second at the National Championships, and 7th in The Worlds Championship held in Galway, Ireland. Katie received the Overseas award in Galway, given to the dancer with the highest score in the competition from overseas.

In 1997, Katie went to London, England as one of the originating dancers in the Lagan Troupe of Riverdance the Show. Over the next 6 years she toured with the Lagan and Lee Troupes throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. She was fortunate enough to perform with the show in her home town of Columbus, Ohio four times. Katie looks upon her years with Riverdance as a rewarding experience having associated with the best dancers and musicians in the world.

Upon leaving Riverdance, Katie completed her An Coimisiun le Rince Gaelaca accreditation requirements and received her Irish Dance teaching credentials, T.C.R.G. in January of 2004. She opened The Regan Academy of Irish Dance in September of 2004, which keeps growing and excelling at all levels. 

Katie keeps in contact with her friends from Riverdance.  Katie is happily married and has 3 beautiful children of her own Liam, Emma, and Ava.